We know the pain of feeling stuck, frustrated, and alone, and we want to make this process as easy and painless as possible for you. You could also be eligible for a VA disability rating for arthritis in your shoulder if your range of motion limitation doesnt qualify you for a compensable rating. You still have options. These cookies allow the website to remember choices you make to give you better functionality and personal features. If youre stuck, frustrated, underrated, and currently rated between 0%-90%, VA Claims Insider Elite is for you! You can file for a rotator cuff injury as a secondary service connection if it was caused by a primary service connection. If youre a veteran dealing with shoulder pain, you may be wondering how to get a shoulder pain VA rating. Injuries in combat, such as a blow from an accident, a forceful impact, or a fall, could also result in shoulder or arm injury. Were here to help you receive the compensation and care you rightfully earned. Shoulder replacements are evaluated under Diagnostic Code 5051. Let's talk about your VA disability benefits. The Schedule of Ratings expresses range of motion in degrees, making it easy for disabilities to be rated and categorized. A decision maker at the VA will review all of the evidence in your claim, including the C&P report, and decide your shoulder pain VA rating. If you have questions about wrist injuries, single incident ratings, or IU, feel free to call us at 1-800-728-0434 or email us at Lifehealth@FriedmanFirmPC.com. Since flare-ups can frequently make your symptoms worse, make sure that you do not accidentally give the VA the impression that your condition is milder than it is. To obtain an official measurement of range of motion, the examiner will typically use a tool called a goniometer. This is called shoulder separation, and it can cause serious damage to the ligaments surrounding the joint, too. Yes, as long as the shoulder pain is service-connected, you can qualify for VA Disability. Shoulder instability develops when your muscles and ligaments are not strong enough to hold the shoulder bones securely in the socket. Los Angeles, CA: 10880 Wilshire Blvd., Ste 1101, Los Angeles, CA 90025 Please do not send any confidential information to us until such time as an attorney-client relationship has been established. Appeals to the Board of Veterans Appeals, Appeal to the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, Increase Veterans Affairs Disability Rating, Total Disability Based on Individual Unemployability (TDIU), VA Mental Health: Legal Help for Veterans, Veterans Affairs Compensation for Sleep Apnea, VA Rating for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Symptoms, 2023 Veterans Affairs Disability Rate Increase. The joint should allow the arm to move in multiple directions without any pain. This is Military service can lead to many types of bone and ligament damage. Specifically, if the entire arm is amputated from the shoulder joint down, including the scapula, clavicle, and/or ribs, it is rated 100 percent regardless of whether it is the dominant or non-dominant arm (Diagnostic Code 5120). The amount you receive will be based on what kind of injury or condition you have and how seriously it impacts your life. 21-0960M-12. The rotator cuff is a network of four tendons that connect the humerus to the scapula. Keep in mind the VA will likely rate your shoulder injury using one type of rating criteria. Tendons are fibrous tissues that connect muscle to bone. Those two bones form a right angle at your shoulder and are connected by your scapula, also known as your shoulder blade. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); I am so glad I was referred to Woods and Woods as they have been there for me to fight my case with the VA. All I have ever gotten from the VA are blanket denials on virtually all my claims. Cincinnati, OH: 300 E Business Way, Suite 200, Summit Woods Corporate Center, Cincinnati, OH, 45241 Tendons are rated on how they affect the motion of the connected joint (s). For instance, if you can still shrug your shoulder but not move your arm, youll get a different rating than if you could not move your shoulder at all. As with most medical conditions,. Specifically, veterans will be assigned a 100 percent rating until intensive treatment is over. These will be replaced with prosthetic components that will act in place of the damaged structures. VA disability is awarded because you were injured while serving, regardless of the glory of the job. If you dont have trouble controlling your movement, but your bones didnt heal back together, youll get a rating of 10 percent. Knee conditions are fairly common for U.S. veterans. Veterans should provide copies of medical records detailing symptoms, treatment, and results. Confidential or time-sensitive information should not be sent through this form. The technical storage or access is required to create user profiles to send advertising, or to track the user on a website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes. The likeliest response from VA will be to schedule a Compensation & Pension (C&P) exam eventually for service-connected VA compensation. This data may be used to help optimize our websites and make them easier for you to navigate. Its FREE to get started, so click Go Elite Now below to complete our 3-step intake process. This information is not a substitute for legal advice. How the VA Will Assign you a Shoulder Pain VA Rating, 4. They may be used by those companies to build a profile of your interests and show you relevant advertisements on other websites. (Authority: 38 U.S.C. Take advantage of a FREE VA Claim Discovery Call with an experienced Team Member. pain. Other causes of restricted range of motion include: inflammation of the soft tissues surrounding the joint, or joint swelling. Brian isalso the CEOofMilitary Disability Made Easy, which is the worlds largest free searchable database for all things related to DoD disability and VA disability claims and has served more than 4,600,000 military members and veterans since its founding in 2013. Sometimes, rotator cuff tears might have been caused by a blow, such as a fellow service member running into the shoulder. The Diagnostic Codes under 38 CFR 4.73 for shoulder and arm conditions are split into six groups based on the limitation of motion of the different affected muscles. At 45 degrees, those ratings will be set at 30 percent and 20 percent. Our lawyers are committed to helping veterans get disability compensation. When you visit web sites, they may store or retrieve data in your web browser. We consistently provide experienced, compassionate and ethical representation to our clients. The examiner will look for how your shoulder functions when you move your arm and how far you can move before you feel pain. What if you went to your C&P examination on a great day with minimal symptoms? This diagnostic code breaks down the way that the shoulder and arm move. Sometimes your rating might be at 80% but you know it should be full 100% disability. If the amputation is below the deltoid, you'll receive 70%. Signs of inflammation: swelling, heat, redness, tenderness, or drainage. This article discusses four things you need to know about shoulder pain and VA disability. Intrinsic muscles of shoulder girdle: (1) Pectoralis major I (clavicular); (2) deltoid, 5304 Group IV. Shoulder injuries in the military are a common source of VA disability compensation. we represent clients nationwide. Washington, D.C.: 1776 I Street, NW, 9th Floor, Washington, D.C 20006 Each measurement is rounded to the nearest five degrees. Copyright 2023 Hill & Ponton, P.A.. All Rights Reserved. The most trusted name in education-based resources for Veterans. We use cookies to optimize our website and our service. Some shoulder injuries may require surgery. Most likely, the VA will rate your shoulder pain under one of two different rating schedules. And if theres ever a question about which of two or more evaluations to use, the VA will always use the evaluation that provides the higher rating. Here is our video explaining VA math for combined VA disabilities. VA disability ratings can range from 0% up to 100% total disability depending on the severity of one's range of motion injury. The acromioclavicular joint is where the shoulder blade or scapula meets the collar bone or clavicle. I cant thank you enough! Copyright 2023 VA Claims Insider, LLC. This chart shows how musculoskeletal ratings work for VA disability ratings for shoulder pain: If you have muscular damage to your shoulder, you may be eligible for a rating from 0% to 40% (depending on the severity of damage). The bone in your upper arm is called your humerus, and your collarbone is called your clavicle. The VA does not rate a disability under limited range of motion and degenerative arthritis. They are not intended as a guarantee that we will obtain the same or similar results in every case we undertake. If your shoulder is completely frozen, how its rated will depend on where its frozen. If there has been no local recurrence or metastasis, rate on residual . The doctor may then reattach the tendons and a physical therapist will work with the veteran to further strengthen the rotator cuff tendons. Shoulder issues can be extremely debilitating, making it difficult to perform even basic tasks. In these cases, youll receive the maximum rating for loss of use of that arm. You will probably only receive one rating for your condition per shoulder. When you file for a VA disability rating for shoulder pain, you will most likely be scheduled for a Compensation & Pension (C&P) exam. Significant injuries from training or combat are a common source of chronic disability for veterans. To be eligible for a shoulder pain VA rating, you must meet three criteria by law: There are a few different ways to prove service connection for shoulder pain. They will not treat your upper arm or prescribe pain killers, but they may take X-rays to determine if the cuff tear was partial-thickness or full-thickness, a malunion, etc. Brian Reese here, Air Force service-disabled Veteran and Founder @ VA Claims Insider. If youre suffering from shoulder pain, its important to get seen by a doctor to determine the underlying cause of the pain and get a diagnosis. If you are a Veteran with a service-connected disability that limits your range of motion, you are entitled to disability compensation. Stiffness and loss of range of motion can pop up due to consistent use of a certain muscle group or body part. To file for disability, youll need to submit your documentation to the RO where it will be reviewed. So if youre rated based on your musculoskeletal system, dont expect a rating for a muscle injury unless its a different condition. These receive a code of 5203. In addition to testing for initial range of motion, your VA physician should also check your repetitive motion to see if there is a higher degree of functional loss afterward. Many Different Conditions Could Be Causing Your Shoulder Pain, 2. The VA is looking for the impact that your disability has on your life on your ability to work, maintain relationships with family and friends, and carry out simple tasks. It is often referred to as wear and tear arthritis. Acute, Subacute, or Chronic Diseases Prosthetic Implants The Shoulder and Arm The Elbow and Forearm The Wrist The Spine The Ankle Shortening of the Lower Extremity 3 Also entitled to special monthly compensation. You may also injure your clavicle or scapula in the line of duties. Two things that veterans know are a given in active duty military life. If youre unhappy with the decision on your VA rating for shoulder pain, you have the right to file to overturn the VAs decision. All information these cookies collect is aggregated and therefore anonymous. Our process takes the guesswork out of filing a VA disability claim and supports you every step of the way in building a fully-developed claim (FDC)so you can increase your rating FAST! If your shoulder aches from time to time when it rains, youre likely to get 10 percent disability. 5237 - Lumbosacral or cervical strain: This diagnostic code applies to veterans experiencing general pain in their cervical or thoracolumbar spine. If you suffer from neck pain or stiffness, consider neck mobility exercises. Where there are additional disabilities rated 50% or 100%, or anatomical or loss of use of a third extremity see 38 CFR 3.350 (f) (3), (4) or (5). The VA assigns a percentage rating for disabilities stemming from limited use of shoulder muscles according to severity. Pes Planus is a condition of the foot in which the arches on the inside of your foot are flattened, allowing the entire sole of your foot to touch the, VA Benefits: Depression Secondary to Chronic Pain While we often think of the physical injuries and illnesses that can result from military service, it's also important to consider the ways, If you experienced a back injury during active duty, or an injury that later contributed to back pain, you may be eligible for disability benefits. If your musculoskeletal condition inhibits your range of motion significantly, you are more likely to receive a higher disability rating from the VA. If your shoulder is damaged in such a way that its held together by soft tissues instead of bones, youll get a rating of either 50 percent or 40 percent. Neurological rehabilitation is, in particular, a rapidly emerging field. You must visit a VA-approved physician to get this diagnosis and receive documentation of it. Rotator cuff tears that stem from overuse may be less obvious to the veteran though. Degenerative arthritis and osteoporosis can both affect your shoulders. defining limited motion of the ankle considering functional loss due to pain in evaluating musculoskeletal conditions when functional loss is not used to evaluate musculoskeletal conditions evaluating limitation of motion due to pain considering Dupuytren's contracture considering conflicting decisions regarding loss of use The proposed rule was published in the Federal Register on November 2, 2001 ( 66 FR 55614 ). But one of the biggest sources of aid for many veterans is the VA disability program. However, if your arthritis is bad enough that you arecompletely bedridden, youll be eligible for a 100 percent disability rating. Payments for ratings of 30 percent and above depend on whether you have a dependent spouse and/or children. If you have more than one condition affecting your shoulder, might be able to get a disability rating for all of those conditions. When the VA is establishing ratings, they consider the shoulder to be a major joint. Like with any other joint replacement, a surgeon will go in and take out the upper part of your humerus and a part of your scapula. They do not store directly personal information, but are based on uniquely identifying your browser and internet device. If you lost a pinky finger in the military, it may impact your ability to live a normal life a bit. If your condition makes it impossible for you to grasp things with your hand, you may be eligible for the VAs Special Monthly Compensation. Why Hire CCK for Your VA Disability Appeal? Many musculoskeletal conditions are rated based on the range of motion, a mostly testable measure of how much loss of function the disability causes. As a fellow disabled Veteran this is shameful and Im on a mission to change it. The Department of Veterans Affairs says of this condition that, when established via X-rays, the VA disability rating will be made "on the basis of limitation of motion under the appropriate diagnostic codes for the specific joint or joints involved. Copyright 2023 Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick LTD. All Rights Reserved. You can request for a higher authority to look at the case. The technical storage or access is necessary for the legitimate purpose of storing preferences that are not requested by the subscriber or user. Yes. Brian is a Distinguished Graduate of Management from theUnited States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO and he holds an MBA from Oklahoma State Universitys Spears School of Business, Stillwater, OK, where he was a National Honor Scholar (Top 1% of Graduate School class). The rating number correlates with the monthly payment amount veterans are entitled to receive. If youve served in the military, the VA offers you a variety of aid programs and benefits. Once you have established these three things, the VA will move forward with your disability payments. The Department of Veterans Affairs sees many VA disability claims for orthopedic impairments like severe shoulder issues, back problems, legs, arms, feet, etc. Learn More About VA Ratings for Losing an Arm or Fingers. He is aformer active duty Air Force officerwith extensive experience leading hundreds of individuals and multi-functional teams in challenging international environments, including a combat tour to Afghanistan in 2011 supporting Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Dear Veteran, Heres the brutal truth about VA disability claims: According to our data, 8/10 (80%) of veterans reading this message right now are underrated by the VA. 132K views 9 years ago Dr. Ebraheim's educational animated video describes the range of motion of the Shoulder Joint, and the ways to check for any medical problem associated with it's. A missing arm counts as the highest level of injury, so any disability on your other arm would qualify for the extra 10% rating from the bilateral factor as long as that other arms injury can be service-connected. These other injuries, diseases, and conditions are rated depending on how severely they impact your life. VA does not send copies of the report unless specifically requested, so in order to receive a copy, the veteran must request one. And you must be able to provide a medical nexus linking your condition to the in-service event that caused it. Since 2008, we've helped thousands of Veterans get the VA Disability benefits they deserve. With extensive experience working with VA disability claims, Berry Law can help you with your disability appeals. Date, circumstances of onset, and course since onset. This is different from the normal wear and tear of spinal discs. This information is made available for educational purposes only and to provide general information and a general understanding of the law. Sometimes, though, increases in the severity of your symptoms can be more unpredictable. Start applying todayand get the compensation you deserve. And if you can raise your arm to 90 degrees, or level with your shoulder, youll get a disability rating of 20 percent, no matter which arm the injury is on. Physical therapy is a professional career which has many specialties including musculoskeletal, orthopedics, cardiopulmonary, neurology, endocrinology, sports medicine, geriatrics, pediatrics, women's health, wound care and electromyography. First of all, you must have a diagnosed shoulder or arm condition. For example, if you sustained a blow to the shoulder joint in the military that weakened the infraspinatus. OA is the most common type of arthritis, the inflammation of joints. Brooklyn, NY: 300 Cadman Plaza West, One Pierrepont Plaza, 12th Floor, Brooklyn, NY, 11201 VA Disability Ratings for Shoulder and Arm Conditions, Learn About CCK's Partnership with DAV and Harvard Law School, - Learn About CCK's Partnership with DAV and Harvard Law School. Going back to the example, if a shoulder disability started after service, the veteran's current doctor should confirm that service-related activities contributed to the current disability. Random flare-ups are common in. Unfortunately, the MEB Attorney's response is valid. The first is medical evidence of a current disability. Since a musculoskeletal disability can significantly inhibit your movement, aspects of life that used to come easily may now be nearly impossible for you. Since 2016, VA Claims Insider has helped thousands of Veterans just like you get the VA rating and compensation they deserve in less time. In our example above, you would receive36 percent compensationfor those two shoulder injuries. 4. Many activities in service, such as lifting heavy objects, transporting heavy supplies, or forms of physical training, can often cause shoulder and arm injuries. Many veterans leave the service with shoulder problems. Finally, we invite you to contact us and we welcome your calls, letters and electronic mail. The description of the events must be verifiable and they present a clear narrative of what happened. - Your patient is applying to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for disability benefits. Here one of our certified VA disability lawyers talks about that increase. The VA has alsogenerated a systemto allow you to combine multiple injuries or conditions into one overall disability rating. Shoulder instability can develop as a result of: You may be owed compensation. The most common cause of bursitis is injury or repetitive use. Specifically, if there is weakness and severe pain with motion, then it is rated 60 percent for the dominant arm and 50 percent for the non-dominant arm. Houston, TX: 2925 Richmond Ave, 12th Floor, Houston, TX 77098 Importantly, the minimum rating for any total shoulder replacement is 30 percent for the dominant arm and 20 percent for the non-dominant arm. Military and private medical treatment records: Severe rated at 30% to 40% depending on dominant or non-dominant arm, Moderately severe rated at 20% to 30% depending on dominant or non-dominant arm, Moderate rated from 10% to 20% depending on shoulder function, File an Appeal with the Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA). This is often based on if you can rotate or extend your shoulder, using the criteria listed above. Any of these structures can be injured, resulting in shoulder pain. Protective tissues called the labrum line the joint socket. Keep in mind all joints (shoulder, elbow, knee, and back) are based on a range of motion, not the amount of pain it causes or the amount of medication needed for relief. It will be rated the minimum 10% unless there is limited motion that qualifies for a higher rating. For instance, if you were lifting weights during your free time while on base and you tore your rotator cuff, this would still count as a service-connected disability. The Essentials on VA Disability Ratings for Bulging Disc, Total Disability Individual Unemployability, Unfavorable, abduction limited to 25 from the side, Intermediate between favorable and unfavorable, Favorable, abduction to 60, can reach the mouth and head, Flexion and/or abduction limited to 25 from side, Midway between side and shoulder level (flexion and/or abduction limited to 45), At shoulder level (flexion and/or abduction limited to 90), With frequent episodes and guarding of all arm movements, With infrequent episodes and guarding of movement only at shoulder level (flexion and/or abduction at 90 ). For a limited time, you can book a free, no-obligation VA Claim Discovery Call with one of our experts. If you have to have a shoulder replacement, the VA will place you on100 percent disabilityfor the first year after the surgery and you will get a code of 5051. Even. Range-of-motion testing is one of the main ways the VA determines the severity of your orthopedic disability and therefore what rating you'll receive. To prove service connection, a veteran must satisfy three basic criteria. Generally, any limitation in ordinary function such as limited range of motion or painful movement is likely to be eligible for service connection and compensation. In the exam, either a VA physician or VA contracted physician will generally ask questions about the shoulder or arm condition and the veterans time in service. Thanks, Woods and Woods please keep up what you do in helping disabled veterans like myself. During a C&P exam, a doctor or medical professional will measure your range of motion and express the extension in degrees for rating purposes. Other causes. A full description of the events that led up to the shoulder pain and limitation of motion. If your arm cannot move 25 degrees away from your side, youll get a disability rating of 50 percent for a dominant arm or 40 percent for a non-dominant arm. We guide our clients through the most difficult times in their lives with courtesy, respect, and professionalism. Learn what youve been missing so you can FINALLY get the disability rating and compensation youve earned for your service. We can help you apply for disability benefits or appeal a denied application. Under more severe circumstances, such as shoulder replacement, the individual may also be granted a higher rating (at least until they recover from surgery). This is an examination that a VA-hired doctor conducts. The percent ratings that relate to rotator cuff injuries look as follows: The VA may also use 38 CFR 4.73 (Schedule of Ratings Muscle Injuries) when rating rotator cuff injuries. The Schedule of Ratings for the musculoskeletal system is found at, , and it contains numerous subcategories. A diagnosis from your treating physician for a torn rotator cuff. Applying for VA benefits years after service 1. Veterans may be eligible to receive as much as 50% disability compensation. You can use your service medical records, military records, and a personal statement to prove your shoulder injury occurred while you were serving.

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