beard getting caught up in their machine gun? And his wife is currently a colonel, and a nurse who only works in hospitals. After a little under 6 months in the hospital my enlistment was up and got out. Dominque Braggs, another Muslim sailor of the same rank, was given a health exemption due to pseudofolliculitis barbae, also known as razor burn. Weve been receiving requests for religions beard accommodations for soldiers serving in the Armed Forces. :D. My response was to the article saying there are already men in the military who are allowed facial hair. Hair buns? rank of Brig. Functional cookies help to perform certain functionalities like sharing the content of the website on social media platforms, collect feedbacks, and other third-party features. The Department of Defense recognizes 221 religions including; heathenry, humanism, paganism, and Wicca. Beards are seen as a sign of religious devotion and commitment, and many military personnel feel that they are a vital part of their religious identity. Amy Minckler made the comment that as long as it doesn't endanger anyone but themselves, they should be allowed to have facial hair. Kesh, or uncut hair is one of the five religious requirements of baptized Sikhs. Since you mentioned it, you ought to buy one for her. Sgt. Uriah Walker/Army). Ofcourse, surgical nurses don't have beards, but it wouldn't hurt if they worked in psychiatric units (except for an occasional pull, by a nut). The Armys top leadership has been going through pretty much the entire organization with a fine-toothed comb this year, from a new fitness test to a non-deployable policy, and now theyre rolling out some tweaks to the services religious accommodation rules and mandatory training for sexual assault and substance abuse prevention, among others. POLL: Is the VA Doing a Good Job Taking Care of Vets? I knew what I was going to do.. Leandros Katsareas, a Petty Officer 3rd Class, was granted an exemption last year to wear a four-inch beard but was informed this year the exemption could be revoked. It has absolutely nothing to do with religious beliefs. Haley Britzky To sign that contract with the U.S. gov is fo forever surrender your citizenship, from that moment on you are property of the U.S. and every actual citzen who makes their own way in society rather then selling themselves into slavery for security in the form of food,shelter, medical,dental, and the fraternity of the most well armed militant cult on the Earth. As for women, hair hanging down, braids, any thought to the safety hazards that is going to cost? What does religion have to do with it? The Open Halls Project, an advocacy group for heathens serving in the military, sought to clarify any existing confusion in a 2017 post about beard exemptions. As long as they aren't the ones who are getting hurt they won't care if they send a million troops into combat, to do their dirty work for them. WHY DO YOU THINK WE ARE BETTER THAN ALL THOSE PEOPLE! password. By finding strength, I was able to keep fighting these personal battles of mine., He said his quality of life was improving; he enrolled in school to get a degree in business administration and is planning to finish his bachelors degree this week. then. It also could affect Wiccans and others who may obtain tattoos or piercings for religious reasons. Qat one point became the evening shift supervisor at the U OF I MED CENTER WITH 13ICU UNITS TO LOOK AFTER. Really? You must appeal that decision. Then, in November 2018, Staff Sgt. Certain exceptions are made however for those with medical waivers or religion exemptions.The Space Force also announced the same expanded mustache policy, along with a more loose tattoo policy. Requiring the unit commander, base chaplain, installation commander up to the Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff, Personnel Division, to all sign off on the beard waiver. INCLUDING HI RISK PEDIATRIC FC AND NEONATAL NURSERY CHOSE YOUR SIDE, BECAUSE YOU WILL HAVE TO FIGHT FOR ALL YOU ARE ABOUT TO LOSE HERE IN THE FUTURE. It used to be honor and resect, proud to wear the uniform. Why should it be any different in the military. Change is sometimes difficult for anyone who is kind of set in their ways. Strip them of all that makes them think, or feel, and turn them into the mindless meat machines they should be. I also wonder about your age a bit (or at least your maturity level) due to the name comment. Hoppers exemption is the latest example of the militarys effort most notably the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force to acknowledge the diverse religious practices represented in its ranks. The army granted him several temporary waivers, but never a permanent one. This is important because, in an emergency, if you grab a gas mask, there is no guarantee it is going to fit. Other uncategorized cookies are those that are being analyzed and have not been classified into a category as yet. Petty Officer 2nd Class Mohammed Shoyeb previously requested and was denied a religious exemption, a situation his lawyer describes as particularly frustrating given that three sailors on his vessel had been granted medical exemptions from shaving due to razor burn. Just let the men grow beards or don't. The first such accommodation came in 2017 following years of beard-exemption requests and legal pressure from Sikh soldiers seeking to preserve religious traditions while wearing a U.S. uniform. He provided the chaplain with a memo he drafted in which he requested his religious accommodation. If a poorly fitted mask cause a casualty, distraction or interference to the completion of an objective, then his personal choices are a detriment to others. I am now 80 years old annd have diffiiculty walking because of joint pains.. As a veteran with 17 years in the army with multiple deployments, yes he should be required to shave if he is in any line position. Equal opportunity training must also be done face to face, but now yearly as opposed to quarterly. DiPietro is one of the first known U.S. service members to receive a religious exemption from hair standards due to their Christian faith, although in recent years the various service branches have granted exemptions for Sikhs, Muslims, and even Norse pagans in the ranks. I seriously doubt they have a Walmart in the middle of the jungle to pick up that lice cream. How about this I dont care if you dont like the fact a fellow vet can now get gender reassigned surgery, really after all we have been through as a nation with all this world pandemic and death of so so many humans and a economic resesion like none before us a yet thats what you choose to bitch about are you fucken kidding me right now? These new children going into the military today are more than likely being sent right back home. At the time, he wasnt observing the Nazarite vow like he is today; he just knew he wanted to be a soldier. So I'm speaking from what I've seen during my years in the Army. Now they both work at a hospital at a USAF base in this country, him as a civilian, since he's retired. This authorization was a huge step for future military men with religious beards in the military and specifically those practicing Norse Paganism. LOL! Six years between the USMC and NatGuard. The idiots that want to be in the military will soon learn that when he needs to use a chemical protection mask he is a dead man because the mask wont seal. In 2015, however, the U.S. officially recognized the religion. I respect it of course that they have the right but I understand that the practice belongs to the Jewish religion. (Photo via Sgt. Just because you like transgender does not mean the rest of us have put up with this asinine stupidity!!! Check out your local wounded warriors. We should make those sadistic Kings and presidents who declare war be the ones who fight them. The Space Force also announced progressive new grooming and uniform policies last year. I used to shave with cold water in my pot (helmet liner) in the field with a He is forced to remove his turban and beard whenever assigned to a ceremonial unit, and to shave his beard when deployed and receiving Hostile Fire Pay or Imminent Danger Pay. They might even call it the cavalry. The Becket Fund says a decision is not likely until next year for the four sailors seeking religious accommodation. Sgt. Many things in the air of a burning building can cause cancer, so breathing that in because you can't or won't shave doesn't make a lot of sense. Odd just sayen. The answer might be, allowed if Soldier 'pays' for a new type of 'secure' over gas mask for people with beards (who knows what the future will bring). No, go with the new and improved give me, give of the now military. Why the Bible Could Get Banned in Utah Schools, Church Claims Prayer Regrew Woman's Amputated Toes, Is There an Anti-Trans Holy War Brewing? Stay ALIVE and healthy. . I bet all the men who were written about in the Bible had beards. I just felt utterly compelled that this is what I was being called to do.. VA Has Announced Big Changes for Veterans, Will Overhaul Disability Evaluations, House Passed Major Veteran Bill That Would Automatically Enroll Veterans in VA Health Care, Do Not Sell My Personal Information for California Residents. Not all branches of the U.S. armed forces adhere to the same dress code policies. Your email address will not be published. As a veteran of the Nam era, its long past due time for a new hair and whiskers codes.. It is my humble opinion, times change and that does not mean that they develop as bad soldiers, I understand perfectly the regulations of the armed forces but if we compare it the people who ask for that special permit are minorities and it is clear that it is for matters of faith. The request languished in limbo for months at the battalion level, he said, until he received a memo in June from Brig. My 22 year career, Ive seen this cycle. Douglas Carver, a Southern Baptist minister who is the former chief chaplain for. Beards are largely banned for military servicemen in the United States, inspiring conversations about dress code among religious members whose religions forbid shaving. Mybe he's gotten a little better. Use of and/or registration on any portion of this site constitutes acceptance of our. The military has granted a few troops the ability to keep their facial hair in accordance with their religious beliefs. Fashion Police: Egypt Arrests Female Influencers Over 'Immoral' Dress, Dalai Lama Apologizes For Asking Young Boy to "Suck His Tongue", School District Bans Bible Verse From Teacher's Email Signature, Bestiality, Incest, Murder? lice out in the field? Why should they thats not a life threatening that is a personal choice what do the rest of us get some of us that deserves disability from service but cant get it but they can get a sex change operation that wasnt caused by the military. :D. Beards are cool. DiPietros request, the interviews with chaplains, coordinating agencies, and the chain of command recommendations, it appears that his request is based on a sincerely held religious belief, Rutners memo said. Published Jul 30, 2021 11:57 AM EDT. I have Medicare and Tricare for my prescription that my doctor prescribed.. DiPietro encourages other faithful who might want a similar exemption to stand their ground provided their faith is sincere. That was in June 2020. BUT YOU DONT AND THEY DONT CARE AT THE COST! Copyright 1977 - 2023 Universal Life Church Ministries. Hopefully, someday, we will see the acceptance of beards in the military. DiPietro remembered thinking how he expected it to be more difficult to get approval. Religious accommodations. Speak to the Israelites and say to them: If a man or woman wants to make a special vow, a vow of dedication to the Lord as a Nazirite During the entire period of their Nazirite vow, no razor may be used on their head. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: U.S. Army to Allow Christian Soldier to Grow Beard, Dylan Mulvaney: God Didn't Make a Mistake With Me. Army directive . Thanks for giving me a Vietnam Vet something to think about. The cookies is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Necessary". In short, it is honoring the pillars of heathenism, our ancestors and ancient gods and way of life.. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. That isnt exactly the Army way the service has specific rules about hair length and styling, for men and women, including a strict no-beard policy. You are about to delete your comment. The lack of the draft has hurt this country. The in the early 1980s that all went away.. then in the the mid 1990s gang tattoos, face and hand tattoos kept people out. Maybe they don't meet minimum standards for protection. Photos courtesy of USAF. I served and flew with female Naval Aviators who were outstanding aviators and officers, but they were a definite exception just as ALL Naval Aviators were definite exceptions. Facial hair regulations wont make or break the military but diversity, inclusion and equity (DIE) will break the military because the next step is promotions based on gender, chosen gender, biological gender, race and perceived racial status (oppressed or oppressor) and not ability, attitude, experience and performance. Unlike the ADA religion is a choice. DiPietro is one of the first known U.S. service members to receive a religious exemption from hair standards due to their Christian faith, although in recent years the various service branches. He joined the Army the same day he turned 18 years old in 2010, about seven years before the service allowed religious exemptions. The Army and Air Force have allowed beards as a religious accommodation for Jewish, Muslim, Sikh and Norse heathen service members who have requested them. I see it as a phase very similar to when the Army authorized the wear of black socks during the fitness test. It is my personally held belief that growing a beard will bring me closer to my God and bring me into his favor.. In 2019, Sgt. The soldiers brigade-level commander will approve a request for a religious accommodation unless the commander determines the request is not based on a sincerely held religious belief, or identifies a specific, concrete hazard that is not specifically addressed in this directive and that cannot be mitigated by reasonable measures, Secretary of the Army Eric Fanning said at the time. If the only reason is because of the masks fitting and they are willing to take that chance just get rid of the rule completely. It's very distracting and uncomfortable. I Retired with 21 years!!! He is a free man to do whatever he wants to, yes. During my 21 year stay, i must have gotten a ton of these write ups. All of those who insist on wearing beards, should be trained to be medics, so its easier for enemy snipers to identify them in combat. The new rules permit religious accommodations for beards, but they may not be longer than 2 inches unless rolled or tied up. But I couldnt use my Benifits. Jacob DiPietro, May 2021. Get off his back about his beard. When those changes were made, internet commenters far and wide were quick to point out that the facial hair ban serves a legitimate safety purpose. MACV SOG. Clean shaven men must have started with someone who had a distorted view of reality. Now is not the time to let our awesome military get weak. In a hand-to-hand battle, anything the little bastard can grab will put you at a disadvantage!. So they either accept the fact that hair buns and beards (with a religious exemption) can be worn but they will not be deployed and if you cant be deployed then you are of no use to the Military and out you go. But I don't think that works when you are wearing a military uniform. You need to get paid. Other facets of the federal government and first-responder organizations could be impacted. You know what is required, if you can't do what is required, then you shouldn't be there, I don't care what color you! Then again flugo, not everyone in the military is in a combat position. This new generation needs some goals and self-discipline. I had to wear a adoft Hitler mustache for 22 yrs, which looked like crap! Retired SGM. Additionally, allowing airmen to wear sister-service patches in their current color configuration influences cohesiveness and pride while assigned to joint organizations.. The issue has always been related to the use of gas masks. The already-growing list of religious exemption requests inflated earlier this year when Spc. Listen to these young people. Two recent cases one which was approved and one that was disapproved show how each case is unique. I, too, had broken service. Should Christian Postal Workers Be Required to Deliver on Sundays? Nowadays there are companies turning out beard friendly gas masks. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. TRENDING: Bad or No Credit? I could agree and disagree on this response. I assisted in some of the basic research into PEEP AND CPAP, EVEN COCUTHOREDB A PAPER PUBLISHED IN THE JOURNAL OF CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE. Apparently,you have not met the Taliban, ISIS, al-Qaeda, al-Shabab , or the Proud Boys. Now 24 years later, we are right back to the beginning. But for the soldiers who dont have a religious reason to apply for an exemption but are thinking about doing so anyway just because they dont want to shave of which DiPietro said hes heard from several dont even think about it. I really enjoyed my time. The only way youll be successful, he said, is if you know the regulations better than the Army itself., If youre serious about your request, do not give up, DiPietro said. If you know youre right, the regulations will it may not seem like it but they will protect you. If you want to maul and mutilate your body, have at it! Beards were common in the U.S. military until World War I when concerns about the seal of period gas masks were an issue. Singh is a Sikh soldier who applied for the facial hair waiver before he was to report to Fort Belvoir. Meanwhile, commanders have some new guidelines for mandatory behavioral training. Jesus has never been depicted as clean shaven. They then passed it up to the battalion level, which is when things got difficult. US Army grants first ever religious exemption to Christian soldier to allow him to keep beard and grow hair long And I repeat again, I respect the Christians who wish to be Nazarites, regardless of whether they have a beard or not and have been well trained, they will be good soldiers both for the country and for God, all be blessed. It would surely make the lives of religious people a lot easier. Capt. All Rights Reserved. Here, a coalition service member maintains security during a patrol with. Facial hair did not make or break the military and never will. The gas masks are made to fit tightly against your face, and they can do that if there is a beard blocking it from a complete seal or a hairbun that does not allow the straps to be pulled tightly. The policy change will allow beards, long hair, religious tattoos and turbans to be worn by members in uniform, according to the Department of Defense (DOD) Instruction issued this week. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I agree that they are allowed to have a beard, and by the way Nazarite Christians or Nazarite Jews, don't get me wrong, they can certainly be Christians and want to practice the Nazarite Jewish system? As long as it doesn't endanger anyone but themselves go for it. That killed the live and chiggers, Angel. That is why the acceptance of gays in the military scarcely caused a murmur, but the effort to believe that a biological male or female should be able to serve while suffering from gender dysphoria, which is defined in the mental health guide DSM 5 as a MENTAL DISORDER just doesnt make any sense. I loathe nothing more then self sold slaves acting as if that action should entitle them to some greater status in society. AMERICA IS NOW WEAK, LAUGHED AT, AND EVERYONE WANTS TO TRY THEIR LUCK AT THE FENCE OF ALL REAL AMERICANS. We commend their motion to include people from all religions in their grooming standards. If prescribed medications are needed to alleviate that problem, then it SHOULD be included as a DISABILITY percentage, and freely given at discharge or retirement, PERIOD! And finally, on July 25, he saw a memo in his email inbox signed by Lt. Gen. Gary Brito, the head of Army personnel, approving his request. I am Army HR and even our civilian guards per regulation ca AMERICA IS NOW WEAK, LAUGHED AT, AND EVERYONE WANTS TO TRY THEIR LUCK AT THE FENCE OF ALL REAL AMERICANS. Too many other people at risk for a religious belief or a fashion statement. By clicking Accept All, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. I guess AFR 35-10 is now ancient history!!!!! A soldier wanting such things, or wanting at all is to me a reason to put a bullet in the head of the unruly and dangerous element in a unit that must be devoid of all individuality. It wasnt a matter of one or the other, so he pushed the issue further. Only UK Officers are allowed to grow facial hair and SAS in the field on ops are also non shaven This helps them blend into the background in Arabic countries, Having a beard to blend is sounds like a good idea. I said, Oh, this is it, DiPietro recounted. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. They could make larger gas masks, and beards can be kept short, and well-trimmed. From left, A02 Joe Probasco, LTC Kamal S. Kalsi and A02 Guldeep Kaur stand for a photo near the World War II memorial in Washington D.C. LTC Kalsi is the first Sikh American soldier to have been given a uniform accomodation allowing a beard and dastar - both observed as requirements for Sikh followers. We don't even elect generals as presidents anymore. Di Liscia had been granted a no-shave chit in 2018 as a morale measure. That seed was planted early in my life, DiPietro said. Di Liscia is one of several sailors and marines who are seeking religious accommodation to wear beards while in uniform. For decades, U.S. military leaders have prohibited service members from growing beards, arguing that facial hair not only disrupts a clean, professional appearance, but also interferes with the. You could have at least tried to come up with something more unique. Grab a book or poster board and instead of gripping do something for someone other then your self and try and be an inspiration or a light or a be on and do good for this globe. It was a painful process, but it was less painful than I thought it was going to be, so thats nice, he recalled. In observance with your Christian faith, you may wear uncut hair in accordance with Army uniform and grooming standards provided in Army Regulation (AR) 670-1 You may grow your hair in accordance with the standards for long hair set forth in AR 670-1, Brito said in the memo. As Carl pointed out, there are many non-combat positions, and I, foolishly it seems, believed that would go without saying. If youre trying to fleece the system because you just dont want to shave, or you just want to grow your hair out, Im telling you now: Its not gonna work.. Airmen will also now have more flexibility to wear specific unit patches while assigned to joint organizations. That decision would seem to undercut the Navys argument that allowing these sailors to wear beards poses some sort of risk, said Baxter. And beadsthey should wear hippie beads too, while holding hands and singing Kumbaya, in between sips of espresso, and bites of biscotti they've dunked into it. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Other. Religions That Allow Beards In The Military. Out of respect to their religion, Sikhs are allowed to grow beards in the Indian army In the armed forces (and police) of India, only Sikhs are allowed to wear beards as their religion expressly requires followers to do so. My husband did the same thing but where it kept messing him up was time in service as when you were out it was considered active reserve which goes to time served. I could not agree more General. The Military has already told Sikhs this and they have already told orthodox jews this and they have even told Rastafarians the same thing. I'm a retired Army female. But after years of the request being stuck in limbo, the Army found the request was made in good faith and on a sincerely held religious belief. For Di Liscia, a practicing Hasidic Jew who had not shaved for more than two years, it was a choice between his loyalty to the U.S. Navy and his religious faith. The regulations we served under mean nothing. But on the same note when you put on any military uniform you are representing the military regardless! Hopper, like service members who have sought exemptions before, was advised to meet with a chaplain to present his case. Yup, Biden is a frickin idiot! It wasnt really what he wanted to do, he said, so he quickly moved into another job as a cargo specialist. They're all a bunch of loudmouth, sissified politicians, who would cry bloody murder if they cut themselves shaving. Beards don't grow over our eyes, and we don't comb them up on our faces. The only bigot is you!!! Bring it back , now. Now, though, mums the word from internet commenters. THEN ENJOY YOUR GAY BUDDIES AND DIE TOGETHER YOUR ARE ONE OF THE REASONS THEY LET GAYS BACK IN THE SERVICE. 'a mink': You're clueless! Gen. and in my view beards and mustaches are not military, not These changes will allow Airmen additional flexibilities as to how to wear mustaches, Gwendolyn DeFilippi, acting deputy chief of staff for manpower, personnel and services, said in a press release. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. In 2017, grooming standards in the military were updated to better accommodate the faith practices of religious soldiers, primarily Muslims and Sikhs, whose faith requires they keep facial hair. Meanwhile, the Navy has announced they are lightening the restrictions on beards and will allow retired sailors to sport them while in dress uniform. Air Force allows Sikh airman to wear turban and beard while serving The. Or should I say a sight for sore eyes. Doesnt make it wrong or right, just difficult to deal with. The military first banned beards during World War I, as beards greatly increased the risk that soldiers wouldnt be able to put on their life-saving gas masks during a chemical attack. For some pagans, it is seen as a way of honoring the gods and goddesses. It might even make them jealous. The list goes on. Effective immediately, the Air Force will allow airmen to grow their mustaches past the width of their lips, but not longer than 1/4 inch beyond a vertical line drawn from the corner of the mouth.. Meanwhile, while STILL on active duty, black soldiers with that issue should be given the same consideration and respect as white soldiers to grow a beard without penalties and discrimination. Mustache/hair regs. They can finish their education while SERVING THEIR COUNTRY! "Sikhs are allowed to wear beards and turbans because it actually is a religious requirement of their faith. I would have gotten back to you sooner but this area has been without power since Wednesday due to storms. In the military, a soldier doesn't live for himself, but tor the mission. The Bible explains that while someone is observing the Nazarite vow, no razor may be used on their head.. There are plenty of images of firefighter with thick mustaches, but no beards. They ought to make soldiers have long hair, and wear olive drab bandanas, and ride bicycles on the battlefield.

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