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AdvicePRO is a reputable provider of trust and corporate services in Dubai. For over ten years we have been offering a defined range of corporate services to successful individuals, domestic and international companies, from small to medium-sized businesses.
Our team of qualified professionals, experienced and well trained, can’t wait to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for advice on the appropriate corporate vehicle to set up, or post incorporation company administration assistance, our goal is to help you focus entirely on your core business activity.


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At AdvicePRO, we invest in listening, building relationships and understanding your concerns to deliver an experience that’s more personal, agile, and proactive. We work at the pace that matters. Yours.
That’s why we celebrate fresh thinking and diverse perspectives to find better solutions.
We don’t predict the future. We will help you shape it.

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Who we are

What makes us different from others

Our uniqueness is our ability to be flexible, accessible, respond and adapt quickly to ever-changing market conditions. With a strong commitment to serving you, we approach decisions with discipline, execute with speed and hold ourselves accountable for our results. 

Our relationship with all stakeholders is based on respect and honesty. We strive to do what is right and do what we say we will do. We foster open, proactive communication, take responsibility for our own actions to reinforce trust and create high-performing teams. 

With uncompromising ethics, we are a trusted partner in all relationships because we “do what we say” and “say what we do”.