Chloe plays matchmaker for mom Esther Valentine. Yep, in Soaps.coms latest Young & Restless spoilers for Monday, April 24, through Friday, April 28, its getting extra tricky for the flirtatious colleagues to keep their extracurricular business on the DL. The Young and the Restless. It's the only place you need to keep updated and stay a step ahead of what's happening on your favorite soap opera! Sending our love Young & Restless Eric Braeden revealed hes battling cancer in an emotional message to fans. Phyllis Summers tries to help Jack figure out text mystery. The Mustache grills Nick Newman and also Victoria Newman. Kevin Fisher finds some shocking evidence. Jeremys confronted by Jack and Kyle Abbott. Victor & Victoria Newman plot Tuckers ruin. Is this about taking on Chelsea Newman and Chloe Mitchell? Phyllis and Ashley Abbott discuss what Dianes done (crashed the wedding?). Adam and Chelsea cross swords over Connor. Wonder whether the topic will be his closeness with Diane or her apparent thawing toward Tucker. Victor Newman has a test for Chance Chancellor. He knows the secret she needs in Young and the Restless spoilers. They have one of the stronger marriages in Genoa City. Gossip maven Leanna Love returns Barbara Crampton returns! Look for the party and fallout to continue through the end of the following week. Mariah Copeland and Tessa Porter are back with news from the adoption interview. Sharon Newman stands her ground, but against who and what? Young and the Restless: May Sweeps Spoilers Nate & Victorias Affair Goes Public (VIDEO), Young and the Restless Comings & Goings: Harmony Hamilton Returns, Young and the Restless Next Two Weeks: Diane Gets Another Chance, Is Mark Grossman Still Dating a Young and the Restless Co-Star (VIDEO), Young and the Restless Weekly Spoilers: Victor Crosses the Line, What Happened to JT Hellstrom on Young and the Restless? Does she dump Billy ABbott? Adam Newman and co-schemer Sally Spectra conspire. Nate Hastings considers the Newman Media CEO job. He doubts some decisions theyre making at work. Victoria Newman & Nate Hastings keep thinking about their stolen kiss. Be sure and follow our YouTube for your latest weekly spoilers videos. Victor warns Nick about Sally (ir else!). Danny Romalotti and sister Gina Roma pop up at the celebration. Devon Hamilton questions if Tucker McCall is sincere. 14. Y&R spoilers for May 1 May 5, 2023, tease Nates cheating may be coming to an end. Billy Abbotts pushing and Victor sets him straight. Diane Jenkins attends the Abbott Thanksgiving but its so awkward. Devon Hamilton is ready for something new. So, that may further convince her that Red is behind everything. General Hospital Victor Newman makes his move to get his hands on Tucker McCalls company. Monday, March 20, 2023. Lily Winters sizes up the competition but is that business or personal? Diane Jenkins finds out Phyllis Summers was behind the tabloid story. Diane takes aim at Nikki Newman to con Jeremy Stark. Chance Chancellor finally decides to seek help. Chloe Mitchells really struggling to keep quiet about Sallys pregnancy. When Nate receives a tempting invitation were gonna go out on a limb and guess that its from the determined Victoria hell be torn in two. Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Victor confronts Sally Spectra after learning that Adam is the father of her baby. Ashley, never seeming to have heard that those who refuse to bend at all will eventually break, stands her ground with Jack. Thats the daily spoilers for next week on Young and the Restless. How does Billy reply? Sharon Rosales finds her therapy skills put to the test. Their acrimony well and truly in the past for the moment, anyway Devon and Lily take on a new endeavor. A standalone episode devoted to Tracey Bregmans 40 years playing Lauren Fenmore. Y&R spoilers photos for Wednesday, April 26, 2023, Sharon has a hot date and Phyllis reveals a hot secret. We are not affiliated with CBS, we are a spoiler page.. You can hear our Y&R spoilers podcast on Spotify (or wherever you listen to podcast), where you will get even more details on what is coming up next week. Tucker has some valuable info for Ashley Abbott. The Y&R spoilers for Monday, May 1, 2023 show Ashley and Billy taking one for the team. Nate decides what to do about Ash with Elena Butlers help. Adam Newman sacrifices himself for Sally Spectra. Daniel explains to Heather the changes hes made. Chelsea Newman tells Billy that his podcast stinks. Plus, "Skyle" pull off a Christmas miracle, Sally receives the best of all possible presents from Nick, Adam steps up for an . Ashley Abbotts back and furious to find Jack moved in his bae. 2023 SheMedia, LLC. Diane and michael spoiler. She wants a break/breakup. Young and Restless Spoilers April 17 - 21: Tessa & Mariah Get a Surprise, Michael Pleads his Case to Christine and Billy and Kyle Go At It. The Young and the Restless Comings And Goings: Familiar Faces Return, Young and the Restless Spoilers: Ashley And Billy Do Damage Control, Summer Newman Abbott Tells Daniel The Truth About Phyllis, Weekly Young and the Restless Spoilers: Fury, Reunions, and a Return, Phyllis Summers of Young and the Restless Wins Worst Mother of the Century. The latest The Young and the Restless news, spoilers, updates, daily recaps, exclusive interviews, actor and character profiles -- plus coverage of all your past and present favorite soaps. Been there, done that, and he's still . Indeed, hes unhappy that shes seeing Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) while pregnant with Adam Newmans (Mark Grossman) baby. This cant be any better for her blood pressure than it is her brothers! Kyle Abbotts stunned by something new from Diane Jenkins. Young & Restless spoilers week of December 12: Y&R Restless Rant! Chelsea Newman disagrees with Chloe Mitchell. Nates watching his back. Ashland does something that shocks his in-laws. Phyllis Summers & Nikki Newmans revenge plot comes back to bite them. Young and the Restless Comings & Goings: JT Hellstrom Return Ahead? Is she blamed for Rey Rosales being on the road that night? General Hospital Preview: So Long, 'Sona' Hello Again, 'CarSon'? Young & Restless spoilers for Wednesday, May 3: Jack shares shocking news with Diane. Diane Jenkins needs help and Jack Abbott will cross lines to make it happen. Does it chafe hes not the co-boss anymore on Young and the Restless spoilers? Devon has reason to regret a business move he made. Something shifts for Devon Hamilton and Abby Newman. Victor Newman and his wife try to figure out how to help their daughter. (Unless we miss our mark, his case will also be Diane . Nate wonders if Elena Dawsons loyal to him. Itll be next week when Victor has no choice but to tell Vicky about her lying hubby. Jack Abbotts hot and heavy with Phyllis Summers again. Jack tells Phyllis he regrets letting Keemo push him out of his life. Diane Jenkins is surprised by a Christmas gift. Daniel Romalotti tells Lily Winters something sketchy about his past. Billy Abbott comforts an upset Chelsea Lawson. Elena Dawson sees Audra Charles as a rival. Tessa Porter deals with the aftermath of her surgery. Kyle Abbott & Summer Newman save their family Christmas. Lauren Fenmores risky decision could come back to bite her. How will Audra make Victoria and Nate reward her silence on Y&R? Young & Restless spoilers week of September 20: In a new Young & Restless preview, Jack and Nick's confrontation is interrupted by Phyllis of all people! Stop pussyfooting around! Someone sends Amanda Sinclair an invite from who to where though? Nate Hastings is caught between a rock and a hard place did he find out Ash faked cancer? Devon finds himself backed into a corner by Amanda Sinclair? Billy and Chelsea take a big step, one that perhaps leads in the direction of the bedroom? Lily Winters loses patience with Billy Abbott and tells him how its gonna be (or else). Billy Abbott talks about their future with Chelsea Lawson. Victor makes a vow to his eldest daughter. Tucker McCall goes all out to impress Ashley. Click here! Y&R is constantly changing so we have you covered! The Y&R recap for Thursday, April 27, 2023, bringsNate Hastings telling Elena a shocking lie. Victor Newman makes a big move to help Adam Newman. These spoilers push into next week and should air Monday, March 7, 2022. Kyle Abbott worries about his parents rekindled romance. Victor Newman tries to protest his wife Nikki Newman. Diane Jenkins brings danger to the Abbott mansion. And she suspects that Phyllis had something to do with framing her. Detective Chance Chancellor finds some evidence. Nate Hastings wants to reconcile with his family, but it doesnt work out. Ashley Abbotts stubborn with Jack Abbott. Young and the Restless spoilers confirm Billy Abbott and Chelsea Lawson are lovers but will they write in a baby bombshell for them (video), Young and the Restless black sheep Adam Newman may soon get another chance with Sally Spectra as they bond over their new baby girl on Y&R, Young and the Restless spoilers confirm a confrontation between Victor Newman and Sally Spectra. But she may have a plan in place to make sure Diane goes down for trying to kill her. Last week ended with the news that Phyllis' (Michelle Stafford . Y&R weekly spoilers promise Elena Dawson (Brytni Sarpy) reaches her limit with Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic) and his sketchy behavior. Ashley Abbott disagrees with Billy on Young and the Restless. All Rights Reserved. Soap Hub Copyright 2013 2023. Watch for more with Noah and Allie. The Y&R Blunder That's Left Us Boiling Mad Plus, Nate's Lie Sets Off a Disastrous Domino Effect, and More! Michael Baldwin is back and boy did he hit paydirt on Ashland. Sharon Newman notices something about Noah Newman. Lily Winters is torn by an ethical issue. Victor warns Diane will she listen? Victor tries to calm Laurens concerns about Michael but hes on it. How will Kyle feel? Mariah Copeland is there to support her wife. Its official: Thad Luckinbill is returning as JT heres when and how. Victor makes a big move against Ashland Locke, determined to corner him. Jill Abbott returns on video to give some advice about the company. Cant wait to hear how she spins, Look, I just hate Diane so much that I decided to leave all of yall behind, and never mind the hell I put you through by pretending that Id been fricasseed!. Lily Winters is tired of Billy Abbotts antics. Devon Hamilton steps up to protect Dominic Chancellor. Phyllis Summers puts her revenge plan into play. Games & Puzzles Victor comes up with another anti-Ash plan. Elena Dawson takes a hard look at Imani Benedict. Phyllis Summers promises Daniel Romalotti something. Victoria & Nate Hastings cross lines again while plotting. Heres how. Mariah Copelands making wedding plans with Tessa Porter. The Y&R spoilers for Tuesday, April 25, 2023 tease Tucker is over it all. Nate Hastings is tempted by an invite no doubt from Victoria. Devon Hamilton cuts Nate out of his life. Get spoilers, news and recaps in your inbox daily. Ashley Abbott flips the script on Tucker McCall. Not-dead Phyllis wonders if she made an error in judgment about Jeremy Stark scheme. Phyllis tries to make nice with Summer Newman. Tune in to find out about all the drama happening in Genoa City. 2023 SheMedia, LLC. Y&R spoilers photos for Wednesday, April 26, 2023, Sharon has a hot date and Phyllis reveals a hot secret. is a part of Penske Media Corporation. Tucker McCalls secret is out and its his son who ferrets it out. Victoria Newman worries about Johnny Abbott. The Y&R spoilers for Thursday, April 27, 2023, has Phyllis needing to think fast. Daniel Romalotti has a tense convo with Billy. Is Mark Grossman dating a Young and the Restless co-star? The complete list of this years 50th Annual Daytime Emmys nominees take a look! Jack Abbotts torn up by losing Keemo and opens up to Phyllis Summers. Michael disagrees with Nikki. And will Y&R forgive what she had to do to make it happen? Summer and Kyle enjoy a romantic get together. Could he have found out that Phyllis is alive and well? Victor Newman has a tough assignment for someone is it Michael Baldwin? Hellstrom. Victoria accuses Nick Newman of disloyalty. Tucker McCall gets Ashley Abbott into the sack (but it goes badly). is a part of Penske Media Corporation. Nikki gets dirt on Diane from someone surprising. Technically the 50th hits on Sunday, March 26, 2023.

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